staff retention


Staff Development

Redlief Care Consultancy can design and implement your Annual Appraisals which will be objective led. We can also complete your staff team monthly supervisions and write up appropriate supervision notes for their personal file. 

We generally would do five supervisions per day depending on the logistics of your rota management and size of your staff team.


Management Support

We can provide one to one sessions with individual managements to support and advise them how to address the current challenges they are facing. 


Good HR Practice

We are experienced in HR workforce practices and assist with the following: 

  • Grievances
  • Investigations, Hearings or Appeals
  • Disciplinary 

We understand that an independent body investigating grievances and disciplinary adds a degree of transparency and a balanced view to the investigation process.

Depending if we are the investigators, chairing a hearing or listening to an appeal we will produce a full factual report of our findings for the service provider to consider.

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